Gwin’s Boudoir Experience


When Gwin came in to our studio she was so shy and sweet, but she quickly began warming up to our team as we got to know her better, hear her story, her amazing story of how she met her husband and how she was a new mom again to an almost 1 year old little boy. Despite those challenging of motherhood, Gwin put on a brave and bold face and was ready to have the most amazing boudoir session and boy did she.

Gwin followed our direction, we talked to her about her favorite looks and styles and she kept saying how she never thought she could look like this and that she has learned to appreciate herself and her body in a new and exciting way!

I absolutely loved Gwins’ unique and alternative style, she knew what she liked, how she wanted to be photographed and she had all the fun retro dolled up into a modern day Marilyn feel. Absolutely stunning in every way. She and I are already planing for when she can come back for another session.

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